Ask supporters for help where help is needed most. 

Do you have specific needs?

If you only ask for donations in general, you might be missing out.  Some donors like to know exactly where their contributions will go and are apt to give more when they see the value.

The Needs

Does your organization have very specific needs that you can ask donors to basically purchase for you?

Easy Giving

Do you make it easy for donors to see what you need and choose how their contribution will be used?

The Feels

Do you make sure that your donors feel good before, during, and after their contribution?

Proven tools to stick the landing.

You’re never alone with CausePilot as your co-pilot.

Specify Needs

Use the campaign landing page to explain the specific needs that your organization has and how donors can help.

Needs Catalog

Give donors a list of the the needs you have and give them choices on how they can help with their contribution.

Send Receipts

Send a thank you email to your donors that also includes a receipt of their donation that can be used for tax purposes.

Custom Email

After those funds have made a difference, communicate that with your donors. There could be a new opportunity.

Fund-a-Need made easy.

Give donors choices, make it easy, and raise more.

Landing Page

A beautiful and professional landing page demonstrates your missions values, capabilities, and desires for the future.  It’s the why and sets the stage properly. 

Giving Choices

Offer one or more fund-a-need giving options and let your donors choose what they care most about.  You can create a catalog of giving choices.

Grateful Receipt

Personalize the receipt email to add your own thank you’s and the personality of your organization.  This document can be used for tax purposes.

Some donors like to know that their contribution will go towards something tangible of their choosing.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can offer as many different fund-a-need options as you like.  The more the merrier!

Of course!  That’s the beauty of CausePilot.  You can mix and match the fundraising options to create a campaign or event that best fits your needs and takes advantage of every giving opportunity to raise more for your mission.

Depending on the type of organization you are, I’m sure you have many needs. For example, if you manage a women’s shelter, you might need to buy toiletries.  If you run a pet shelter, you might need dog food.  If you are a fundraiser for a school you are surely raising money for equipment.

Generally, you are looking for donors to contribute a certain amount of money either to purchase something outright or to contribute to purchasing something.  You can show an image and offer a description of what the money will be used for.  This can be very compelling to supporters.

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